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how to finely chop onions

How to Finely Chop Onions

You’ve probably seen the commercials on TV about how, when you grind your vegetables for cooking, that’s a mise en place move. With this technique, you rinse your vegetables under cold water and then chop them up finely. This leads to a light fluffy texture with the perfect amount of crunch in each mouthful. In this blog we focus on ” How to Finely Chop Onions”

However, it’s not always easy to get those fine cut lines in a bowl using just a knife and chopping board. Sometimes, you’ll want to finely chop onions to put in a salad or dinner.

How to Chop an Onion Like a Pro Chef | Better Homes & Gardens

One known way of finely chopping onions is using the same technique used in restaurants to get that fine texture and taste. That is, using a mandolin slicer. It’s quite an expensive gadget for home use though, so you might want to look for alternatives first before you plonk down your hard earned money for it.

This dish shows how to make a salad out of freshly chopped onions. It’s somewhat like the Mediterranean Salad with the addition of finely chopped onions. The tartness of pear adds a crunch that comes from whey and cream cheese. The strong onion flavour is still there though, and you don’t miss out on that by adding sweetness.

It tastes good from the first bite to until it’s gone, and it’s equally good as a starter or side dish for anything such as pasta or rice.

How to Avoid Tears When Cutting an Onion

Here is a simple trick to help you cut an onion without tears.

Put a teaspoon of olive oil in your hand, and then put your hand around the onion. You’ll need to hold it tightly while cutting. It will prevent cuts and tears, so no more tears like before. But still, don’t forget to wash the cut end of the onion thoroughly with water before using it in another salad or dish.

How to Store Chopped Onions

Chopped onions will usually last for only a week, so you need t to be careful how and where you store them.

Method – How to Finely Chop Onions

  1. If you are looking for that crunchy texture to your salad – you definitely want to use the mandolin slicer. It’s really good at getting those fine cut lines, but not as good as the knife at getting a smooth cut.
  2. The rest of us are probably left with the regular knife, but with a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The trick is to have a very steady hand and not press too hard when slicing on top of each other.
  3. Now that you’ve cut your onion, it’s time to start the process of chopping. Start with a large knife and the smallest blade. You’ll need to end up with finely chopped onions.
  4. After a few cuts, you’ll be able to get your onions chopped into very small pieces almost as small as grains of rice.
  5. Now just transfer the onion from one bowl to another to avoid loss of moisture and retain its natural colours.
  6. You’ll want to fan the chopped onions so that they don’t burn, especially when you are using it in gravies and sauces – it’s not only ones that need the onion but also in sauces and gravies.
  7. Finally, transfer the chopped onions to a container and consider storing them for up to 2 weeks in your fridge. Be careful with them though, because as time passes by, they tend to grow an unpleasant smell from the inside out.

What are the different ways to cut an onion?

Here are 4 different ways to cut an onion, but it will be up to you which one you choose.

The first way is the most popular and easiest way. Just slice it in half and then dice it or chop it as small as you need. 

The second way is to slice the onion in half and then keep the remaining piece on top of the chopped one. Cut them both together, so that you don’t waste too much of the onion. 

Third is the way to cut an onion in half and then cut out the remaining piece with a knife. This way you can choose the size of slice, but it’s not as clean as when you do it with a knife. 

The final way is to just dice it and then put them in a bowl of some sort.

Why are onions so good for cooking?

Onions are cheap and easy to find and produce in abundance, which makes them very popular ingredients for home cooks.

Onions are very healthy, not only because of the vitamins and minerals they contain, but also because they are a good source of fiber. Onions have been known to lower the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Onion is a natural antiseptic and can be used to kill harmful bacteria that cause illness or infection, especially in infected wounds. Onions also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce pain during recovery from injuries as well.

Onions are also useful in treating the symptoms of stomach problems such as indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux. All you have to do is eat 1 to 2 raw onions with a glass of water every hour, or whenever your stomach starts hurting. 

Onions can be used as a natural supplement for hair loss, but only in small amounts up to 1/2 cup a day. Onions contain allicin which is what makes them so good for hair loss and general health.

Benefits Of Finely Chop Onions

Onions are absolutely amazing for your overall health and there are a wide variety of benefits that you can get from eating onion.

First of all, onions contain essential nutrients that your body requires such as Vitamin C and Folate that is needed to produce red blood cells in the body. They also help to cleanse the colon and also prevent colon cancer.

Onions contain anti-inflammatory properties that help to treat skin infections and even treat fungal infections such as Athlete’s Foot.

Onions contain quercetin which is a powerful anti-histamine that can help reduce allergy symptoms and also helps to lower your chances of getting cancer.

Onions reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the buildup of plaque in arteries. They also have antibacterial properties that help in fighting the flu and colds, strengthen your immune system, relieve digestive troubles and are good for treating acne.

Onion is a natural pain killer which helps in reducing pain due to arthritis, gout, muscle and joint aches.

Onions are also known for inducing sleep and can improve the quality of your sleep. Not only that, it prevents insomnia from occurring so that you wake up fresh and energized the next day.

How to Slice and Dice an Onion | Knife Skills

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