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How To Make Stove Popcorn

How To Make Perfectly Cooked stove Popcorn Every Time

If you love stovetop popcorn, but are forever spilling its contents everywhere, this post is for you. Follow these simple steps to How To Make Stove Popcorn. 

A nice warm batch of stove popcorn is a delicious way to spend a lazy afternoon with friends or family. Unfortunately, there is only one problem: it never seems to come out right on your first try.If you start with fresh, unopened kernels of popcorn, follow these instructions to make the most delicious stove popcorn:

-Cook at a medium-high temperature in a heavy pan. Make sure that your oil is truly hot before you add anything else and don’t forget to shake the pan back and forth over the burner. The corn should be cooked evenly without any burnt spots or scorching.

-Add the kernels when the popping starts and cook for another 30 seconds.

-Sprinkle with salt and shake the pan back and forth over heat to coat the popcorn with oil and create an even light coating. Popcorn should be dry to the touch with no uncoated areas or holes.

-Preheat a pan on the stovetop. A thick-bottomed pan will work best for this and help prevent burnt kernels.

-Add oil to the preheated pan and give it a quick stir before adding in popcorn kernels. 

-Cover with lid, turn heat up to high, and start shaking the pot back and forth on the stovetop while cooking to prevent burning – you should hear popping sounds within 1 minute of shaking the pot.

-Remove pot from the stove when all of the kernels have popped. You may need to shake the pot a bit more if not all kernels have popped. Keep in mind that any unpopped kernels will end up in your mouth. Not a pleasant experience, be sure!



Note: Any corn variety is good for stovetop popcorn, as long as it pops well in a hot oil. Don’t experiment too much; fried corn tastes awful and won’t pop well enough.


How To Make Stove Popcorn


What kind of oil should I use?

The two most popular oils used for popping popcorn are coconut oil and canola oil. Both of these oils work well in a stovetop popper. You could even use butter, if you like its flavour.


How much oil should I use?

You will need anywhere from 1/8 cup to ½ cup of oil depending on the size of your pot and the number of kernels you are popping. The general rule of thumb is that you need 1 tablespoon of oil for every single kernel that you plan to pop.


Should I add salt or oil first in Stove Popcorn?

You will have the best results if you salt your popcorn after it is finished popping. So, you should add the salt last.


What kind of pan should I use?

You can use any stainless steel pan that you have in your kitchen. Most pots or pans come with a lid, so it should be easy to measure out the oil. Just make sure that your pot is big enough for the amount of popcorn you are about to pop.


Should I stir the popcorn?

By stirring the popcorn you will create a nice coating of oil on each kernel before it pops. This will result in a more evenly popped corn. If you do not stir, the popcorn can begin to pop before the oil is fully absorbed. This can result in burnt kernels, so it is probably best to stir.


Should I add sugar or salt first in the stove popcorn?

Adding sugar or salt first will result in a sweeter tasting popcorn and one that is slightly salty. If you are adding something other than oil, then you should add it last so that the oil has time to cover all of the popcorn kernels.


What temperature should I heat the oil to?

You want to heat your oil to a temperature of about 350 degrees. This will result in better popping results, especially if you are using a stovetop popper. If you are using a popcorn machine then 400 degrees is the recommended temperature range.


How many kernels do I need for one serving?

The average number of kernels needed for one person is just over ½ cup. Depending on the age of your company, however, you might need more or less popcorn kernels.


How long should I pop the popcorn?

Most people only need to pop their popcorn for about a minute and a half. If you are using a stovetop popper, make sure that you stir every 15 seconds. This will help the popping process and ensure that none of the kernels burn. If you are using a popcorn maker then you should keep the heat on high as long as the kernels are popping.


What should I do if my kernels start burning?

If your popcorn starts burning but still has a few unpopped kernels in it, it is best to take them out and just let them sit. You can then reheat this batch of popped corn and add those unpopped kernels. This will help you get some of the good flavour inside your bowl full of popcorn.


Is stovetop popcorn healthy?

Pre-made microwave popcorn is usually not as healthy as stove popcorn. It is usually made with microwaved oil, which is also known for not being as healthy as oil cooked on the stovetop. This can result in some terrible effects if you eat a lot of it. There are definitely healthier ways to make popcorn at home than in the microwave.


How do I get my stovetop popper to pop faster?

If your stovetop popper has a power cord, you can use it to speed up the popping process. Just put the pot on a high setting and let it go until you hear 12-15 seconds between pops. Then turn down the heat to medium and continue popping.


What can I use to contain the popcorn?

You can use a wire mesh strainer, a colander, or an uncoated paper plate. Just make sure that whatever you use is fine enough to let the steam from the popped corn pass through.



How To Make Stove Popcorn 


1/2 cup kernels of popcorn

1/4 cup melted butter

Veg. oil for coating the popping dipper (about 1 tablespoon per kernel)


  1. Pour the popcorn kernels into a bowl and cover it lightly with oil. 
  2. Heat up the butter in a saucepan over low heat until it is melted and bubbly, but do not burn the butter! 
  3. Break up chunks of butter between your fingers and sprinkle them over the popcorn in the pot. Cover completely with oil to coat every kernel gently and let stand for 5 minutes. 
  4. Put the pan on the stove and heat over medium-high heat. Start to shake the pot back and forth from side to side using a circular motion. If popcorn starts popping quickly, turn down the heat. 
  5. When a few seconds pass without any new pops, turn off the heat and continue shaking for about 10 seconds more. 
  6. Pour the popcorn into a large bowl or storage container with a lid, being careful not to burn yourself from steam inside of it. 
  7. Allow the popcorn to sit in a cool place for 5 minutes before serving.

 And ENJOY!!


How To Make Stove Popcorn


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